Perspective Earth

This site differs from the typical blog in many important ways.

On Perspective Earth (PVE), you will find:

  • Engaging content from very diverse people with very diverse backgrounds.
  • Across the globe large-scale collaboration.
  • Experiences from differing races, religions, genders, creeds, viewpoints, and professions.
  • No fluff.
  • A genuine to desire to grow, learn, create, explore, and collaborate with everyone from everywhere.

We are not in the business of giving you low-quality content. In fact, we’re giving you high-quality content… for free.

Is this a stupid business model? Perhaps. Does it nurture our soul more than making money? Also perhaps.

Money comes and goes, but engaging with the world in a way that is useful in order to create meaningful dialogue means far more than buying a fancy new suit jacket. New suit jackets also come and go, but personal levels of understanding last for a lifetime.

Perspective Earth

I’m a 38R in case you’re wondering…

If we can help you question the world in an insightful and engaged way, we’ll have gotten our reward.

All of the contributors here (authors and commenters) are creating a discussion. They are people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Because of this diversity, there are disagreements in opinion. This is not only welcomed, but it is also what makes our site unique.

We don’t attempt to agree all the time, and in fact, we know that we can’t do that. This site explores various viewpoints in a mature and intentional manner with the understanding that we’re all flawed human beings just trying to live our lives in the best way that we know how.

This site has several topics, but they all center on one theme:

  • Respect yourself and the world around you.

That’s it.

Sure there’s:

  • Business talk
  • Self-help talk
  • Diversity talk
  • Relationship talk
  • Political talk
  • Meditation talk
  • …and so on

But the one common theme that threads all of these discussions have is learning to live life as a true human being for the benefit of yourself and for the world at large.

You owe it to yourself to be the best human being you can be.

The rest of the world is waiting.

If you’d like to contribute to our cadre of writers, please send us a letter of interest along with samples of topics and ideas you’d like to see on our site. Also, samples of previously written articles will help us evaluate if you’re right for our team. 

Send your submission to shareyour{at}

Start your PVE journey here: